Four poems

Riyadh Hammady - Copy


My Image

By: Riyadh Hammadi

Revised and translated into Arabic by: Ghassan Al-Sehnawi 


My image in your mind is not mine at all

It’s the black color of your thoughts

Painted by your dark soul

My spring in your view turns fall

Whatever great efforts I make  

In your eyes is a mistake

you see with their eyes استمر في القراءة


I am a stupid poet , for

I didn’t write a poem about your eyes

I am a fool painter , for

I didn’t paint  your smile

I am a weak  Tsunami ,for

I didn’t rush towards your waiting beach

I am a  coward prophet , for

I  didn’t inform you the  message of my heart

I am a sad singer , for

I couldn’t listen to your joy




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The Last Hero

The last hero

(! camera cannot show the smell of blood )

Nothing is really true

Every thing is false

The moon is a bulb

The sun is a horse

Nothing is really true

People are toys

Names are Morse

I am not me you are not yours

We are not us of course

We speak different songs

We play separate words استمر في القراءة